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One day, destiny wanted us to meet at the Lalabeyou contemporary jewelery school in Madrid. We came from different worlds: Health, Banking and Scenic Arts; but we all had in mind to study jewelry as a way of expression, of evasion and illusion.

Around our dear teachers Iraia, Lorena and Laura and based on discovering the techniques of jewelry, the passion for the metals, the stones, the design, the art, the life ... our union was forged without hardly wanting it.

We have started and continued this path together and we do not know where it will take us; but we feel passion for what we do and a broad horizon to learn and move forward, in this endless world of contemporary jewelry that we love to make you participate.

We hope you enjoy through our eyes, that you like our vision of things, our message and way of observing nature.

Welcome to Mut, Creative Jewelry
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